Learn to make sure you win  and don't lose when playing poker or blackjack.
When you want to make sure you win at the poker table, you should not only play for good luck, but also practice and practice your poker face and poker skills. Hard work, right? On the other hand, while other forms of gambling like roulette or slot machines do not require a lot of mental effort when playing, they give you less chance of winning.
Therefore, if you don't want to lose money while gambling, the best option is to play blackjack.
If you've never played blackjack, the rules are the same as playing Lucky 9. In Lucky 9, your cards must be at 9 or the value closest to it. Any card over 9 is destroyed and a player with a total number of cards greater than 9 must declare a loss during this round. The same applies to blackjack but this time you should aim to be 21 instead of 9. Whereas in Lucky 9 you are only allowed to draw up to three cards, in blackjack you can draw up to 5 cards.

Tips for winning blackjack
Now that we've refreshed your memory of how to play blackjack, keep on with tips that will help you win big in the game of blackjack.
Soft and hard hands, come to play and demonstrate all your skill deafeating others right now in Fun88, win great promotions, defeat others, be the best earn money today.
If you are still new to the term blackjack, understand that soft hand is the term used to describe cards with an ace and a number, fun88 such as six and after. use an Ace of eleven to get a total of 17. On the other hand, the hard hand will compromise cards that do not contain an Ace or an Ace but not give it an equivalent value of 11 .
some people say that the hand is always better than hard-soft hands.
Choosing the
Right board , the right board can have a good effect on your success rate in the game of blackjack, or poker so choose carefully. First and foremost, make sure that the minimum allowed stakes do not exceed five percent of your total chip count. Understand how the rules change for each table as these can affect your chances, no matter how small.
And finally, try to avoid getting insured at all costs or at least only if it's your last resort. No matter how friendly he seems, the dealer can be your worst enemy at blackjack. So taking insurance can be a bet for your enemies and sometimes against yourself ..
Everything clear now? Good. Start gambling and win some money afterwards. Start in the number one CASINO online in India! Fun88 is open and ready to provide you all the emotions that a casino can offer in the commodity of your bedroom.

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